About Lady Jazz

Jazz Dozier is a visionary with the mind of a mogul and a heart for serving others. This multifaceted “mompreneur” is a true mastermind. Known for wearing many hats successfully, her lifelong goals have been to educate, empower and inspire others in all different arenas. As a mentor, motivational speaker, consultant and advisor, her personal and professional goals are to motivate others to pursue their true passion, manifest their dreams and execute their vision.

In 2009, after stepping out of the “corporate arena”, she partnered with Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company; which produces natural skin care products, wellness and beauty products that promotes healthy lifestyle changes for men and women. As a Lifestyle Coach and Marketing Director, she became inspired to start her own business, Mind Body & Soul Client Services, which focuses on coaching individuals and equipping them with the tools necessary to turn their passions into profits. That same year she became a board member for Transitions Wellness Center, a facility to assist women and female veterans’ in transition, providing counseling services and other various therapeutic services and resources.

Ms. Dozier later started a support/networking group for women to “pamper themselves on purpose”, a spin-off of her Mind Body and Soul business, called “Ladies Night Out”, or “LNO”. With four years of success, this group focuses on women from all walks of life that like to network in a relaxed setting seeking to empower, motivate and encourage women to express themselves freely through conversation of various topics; encouraging healthy lifestyle changes, pampering, ladies night out and discussions of challenges they face as women in business or at home.

In 2010, she partnered with the CEO of Girl E Time, a local TV show geared towards Education, Empowerment and Entertainment for young girls and women and in her role as the Executive Account and Events Coordinator, she assists in creating several community events and provided content for the show which recently has earned a spot on KONG TV network, an affiliate of channel 5 and locally on Comcast channels 26 & 28. It was through the partnership, her LNO supporters that she became inspired to start her own Online Radio & TV Talk Show, which is scheduled to launch in 2014.

She is also the Executive Director for the National Professional Women of Color Network, South Sound Chapter (PWOCN) and a diverse multicultural organization that facilitates and encourages strategic connections and reciprocal networking relationships for all women of color. Her three years on board have proven to be an asset to the organization by incorporating her skills of catapulting healthy community and business relationships; she has helped the organization grow to over 5000 members nationally.

Jazz Dozier also known as “Lady Jazz” is well known for implementing a networking system beyond repute and is in the process of creating her national brand. Her journey as an Executive Director with (PWOCN), which made her realize that her calling was much broader than just working with children and young adults. Her unique style of making connect ions has created an infectious movement of empowerment, motivation and sisterhood among business professionals nationwide.

With more than 20 years of experience in the medical field, she is a natural nurturer with a profound sense of paying it forward; a pillar in her community; and a Foster Parent who provides a loving, stable, healthy and structured environment for children, despite their circumstances. In finding her purpose she says, “I am rewarded daily, with life, as I do the work I was called to do”. Her love for our younger generation led her to found her own non-profit organization, which is also scheduled to launch in early 2014. This organization will advocate and equip teens and young adults for life’s experiences.

She prides herself in being a mother. She has two beautiful daughters, two incredible grandchildren and currently engaged to her “soul mate” that happens to be her biggest support and fan. As a Christian, she believes that “putting God first in everything you do will lead you to your true destiny” and wants those that she is fortunate enough to connect with to experience the same.